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Olivia Jones, Head of School

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“It is such a pleasure working with Dextrus. We are living the best experience. It is a very delightful, fascinating and balanced combination of classic and modern art. In all the aspects, we are still growing and Dextrus is like a major support system in our busi-ness. The community helped us a lot to understand Indian culture better and make us truly feel at home.”

Mr. Matthew Kang, Director General, Korea Land And Housing Corporation

“I know we are in good hands here! The team has been heeding our requests from the beginning. Now we can really focus on our duties, instead of solving technical problems withinternet suppliers, electricity blackouts or printer issues. At Dextrus, working among other companies also brought us new opportunities.”

Jaume Sanllorente, Founder & Director General, Mumbai Smiles Foundation

“From the colours, to the lighting, office spaces, phone booths and even the shower area, we’re thrilled! Our favourite spot is the library area – a perfect mix of relaxing yet inspiring, where you can be comfortable and get work done. Winning on all fronts!”

Kaushal Shah, Coo, Limese Connect

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