Campus Activities


There is always something happening on and off campus, so keep checking the links below. It will give you a taste of the vibrancy of Greenville life.

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What Parents Say

“Our time at Dextrus BKC was very productive and enjoyable. The team was very helpful and flexiblein helping us with our requirements. The configurable meeting room spaces allowed us to comfortably host meetings for 4 to 40 people. The friendly atmosphere coupled with the amenities helped us to stay productive and charged; overall a great experience.”

Mehboob Kasim, Executive Vice President, Mullen Lowe Lintas

“We do a lot of meetings with potential collaborators, employees, research partners, so it is great to have such a welcoming space to conduct them. The meeting rooms are also conducive to our endless brainstorming sessions – and we can write on the glass walls as well!”

Anushka Shah, Founder, Civic Studios

“We have been a part of the Dextrus since its inception and the journey has been incredible. Right from customising the office to our requirements, taking care of security protocols and assisting our team at every step, it’s been an absolute pleasure.”

Jaideep Hansraj, CEO and Managing Director, Kotak Securities Ltd

Helping Others


Several student-led charitable drives raise thousands of dollars annually and help provide supplies that directly benefit underserved communities in San Francisco, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Eritrea and other places around the globe.

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