Coworking Day Pass: Plug & Play At Its Best

working in shared spaces

Coworking spaces have become extremely popular in the commercial real estate industry in India. It is estimated that a company can save up to 30% on rent and operational costs while working in shared spaces (Source: India Today). With the ever-changing workspace dynamics, there is a higher need for productive, experiential, and purposeful workplaces. The traditional way of working is shifting toward flexible and hybrid work models where employees may only come to work for meetings or a few hours.

A coworking day pass is for anyone in need of a desk for the day, needs a productive work environment, and who wants to be among like-minded individuals. Specifically, day passes are used by remote workers and freelancers but they are not limited to those two groups. Entrepreneurs and start-ups also avail benefits of coworking day passes, as the small price and non-committal nature of the day pass allow them to carry out their own work. If you travel a lot for work, coworking spaces can be a great blessing, allowing you to have an office away from office. One could even use the pass to test the space and sign up for more extended plans.

Here are the benefits of choosing a coworking day pass-

  • Flexibility:

    It is ideal for working personnel like freelancers who usually do not work the regular schedules of a corporate structure and prefer to work at their convenience, time, and pace. Freelancers can access the workspace as and when they need it according to their requirements. Corporate employees working on a hybrid model can use the space, too, whenever they need to get away from home and cannot make it to the office. Besides flexible and open desks, coworking spaces also offer private offices and meeting rooms to conduct client meetings and pitches in a more formal environment.

  • Cost-effectiveness:

    Freelancers, start-ups, entrepreneurs, remote employees, consultants, etc., often operate on limited funding and tight budgets. They may not be in a position to pay for the yearly contracts or monthly memberships. A coworking day pass gives them the option of paying only as per their necessities; such savings helps them to make their business more cost-effective.

  • Avoid Long Term Liability:

    A coworking day pass is a short-term solution for flexible working professionals. Some working personnel may not be in a situation to be bound by long-term contracts and commitments. Various professionals whose work requires them to travel globally, entrepreneurs just starting, small or medium enterprises who don’t want to commit to a fixed location, and individuals who freelance or provide consultancy don’t want to pay long-term rentals if they need an office space temporarily; it is neither economical nor logical to. In such cases, a coworking day pass works as a perfect solution to save up on extra rent and avoid long-term rental liability.

  • Amenities:

    A coworking space provides a host of amenities to its employees. These amenities include gourmet coffee, high-speed internet, 24/7 tech support, car parking facilities, etc. A coworking day pass holder also gets access to most of the amenities provided by coworking spaces at no additional cost. Such amenities make the work of individuals smoother and more efficient.

    To conclude, whether you are a frequent business traveler, an organization that does not want to commit to a long term location, a consultant, a freelancer who wants a place to meet clients, or an employee that wants to get away from the many distractions of working from home, getting a coworking day pass helps you with more working and more productivity no matter what.

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