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la fleur

Making every occasion memorable.

La Fleur is a premium gifting brand that offers flowers and floral decorations. They have exquisite and beautiful flower bouquets that would always brighten your day. They also have theme based bouquets for special occasions like Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, your Anniversary, etc.
Dextrus has partnered with La Fleur as their Gifting Partner.

Food And Beverage


Our wake up experts.

The history of Lavazza is that of a business which, for over 120 years, has pursued a company vision based on passion for work, for the product and the land in which it operates.
Lavazza offers the perfect coffee blend for your taste buds.
They have exquisite range from coffee powder to coffee beans.

tea trunk

Our daily dose of warmth.

Tea Trunk is an online tea store that curates the finest Indian tea leaves and crafts them into unique blends, using all natural ingredients. Their teas are fresh, whole leaf, flavourful and healthy. No artificial colors. No additives. All natural teas. They make sure you enjoy good tea like it should be!


Powering throughout the day.

Yellow Apron believes in finding the balance between food indulgences and healthy options. To complement scrumptious confectionery and baked items, Yellow Apron decided to add healthy juices, smoothies and savories; thus identifying themselves with homemade speciality foods.

Sustainability Partners


Time for an eco-friendly period.

Saathi pads is a purpose driven manufacturing company that makes eco-friendly hygiene products, with an aim to conceive and develop a biodegradable and compostable sanitary pad with a cradle to cradle (completely sustainable) business model which also embodies circular economy.


Sustainable workspace solutions.

Skrap is an environment sustainability firm that helps businesses and brands adopt sustainable practices and zero waste solutions.
Our aim is to build awareness around ‘waste’ and inspire positive climate action.

Travel Partners


Help making your travel easy.

Good things happen when people can move, whether across town or towards their dreams. Opportunities appear, open up, become reality. What started as a way to tap a button to get a ride has led to billions of moments of human connection as people around the world go all kinds of places in all kinds of ways with the help of our technology.

The future is bright. And we’d like to share it with you.
If you are looking to partner with the city’s most forward-thinking coworking space, get in touch with us today. Collaboration is in our DNA.

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