Dextrus: Giving Back

Giving Back

Our modern co-working spaces are designed to give you the best while at the same time give back to the environment. Sustainability runs through our design, our systems and our beliefs, all performed at the highest level of efficiency.

Giving back

Impact by Design

Our design offers the flexibility to adapt to client requirements over time. We think of these permutations at the very inception of the project, thereby requiring minimum rebuilding. Importance is given to the quality of build as we look at long lasting materials and premium grade infrastructure, hence reducing construction waste overtime.

Impact by Conservation

impact by conservation

We take the issue of water wastage very seriously. At all our centres we take a conscious approach on how to save water, from water sensor taps to reusing rejected RO water.
We are implementing strategies to make our workspace zero waste. Reducing wastage of paper and use of single-use plastic is an integral part of this effort.

Impact by Engagement

impact by engagement

As an organization, we believe in providing equal opportunity to all irrespective of gender, race and background. We have a diverse workforce that constantly strives to uplift and support everyone beyond work as well.

Impact by Innovation

Smart HVAC systems connected to their own fresh air intake ensures energy efficiency and safe work environment. Ample sunlight and fresh air makes you and our plants healthy and happy!

Gifting For Good

Every year, we engage our employees and members to contribute and/or volunteer towards a cause.

gifting for good

Visiting Mumbai
Smiles Foundation (Msf)

Dextrus team visited the MSF, our very own member, to understand the work it does to fight against human trafficking and educating the street children. We collaborated with our member community to donate stationery and books supporting the annual educational requirements of the school children.


Supporting Invisible

Kashtakari Panchayat Trust works towards supporting the waste pickers and their families. Despite decades of service towards city’s health and environmental sustainability, the waste pickers have been in a vulnerable position. We extended our support by donating towards their urgent needs like access to education, medical supplies and monthly pension in order for them to lead a dignified life.


The Farming Monk

An initiative by BAIF helps connect farmers directly with markets and has revived more than 200 varieties of rice, millets and other crops that were on the verge of extinction. We held a popup where our members were able to buy these lovely products and this led to converting few of our members as long term customers for the farmers. Empowerment Zindabad!

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