Have questions about Dextrus co-working spaces? We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we hear, that should answer your queries whether they be about our locations, plans, amenities, services or unique features. And if they don’t, you can always contact us for more information over phone or mail.

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FAQs - Dextrus
  1. What is Dextrus?
    Dextrus is a fully serviced premium shared workspace that offers offices, meeting rooms and a host of services to professionals, SMEs and corporates of all sizes. We take care of all the office needs while companies simply concentrate on their work.
  2. What are the advantages of a shared workspace over a conventional office?
    1. No Hassles: One price that covers all.
    2. Cost: Benefits of a shared economy has multiplier effects. When creating an office space, a given company uses about 25-35% of its area in spaces that are infrequently used. A shared workspace gives you the benefit of sharing those unused areas thereby reducing your need for that real estate.
    3. Growth: While companies focus on building their business, being a part of shared workspace helps take care of all their requirements so that they can focus on their growth.
    4. Culture: Apart from providing an inclusive and intelligent workspace, shared workspaces tend to offer more when it comes to ensuring access to a dynamic, thriving, engaging and uplifting work environment.
  3. What are the operating hours at Dextrus?
    Our reception hours are 9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday, but the center is accessible 24by7.
  4. Will I need to book an appointment beforehand?
    While it’s preferable to book an appointment for a day pass, our team is ever ready to meet you should you choose to walk in. We request that you come anytime between 9am and 6pm and we will keep a warm cup of coffee waiting!
  5. What is the minimum age to become a member at Dextrus?
    Individuals of legal age of 18 years and above.
  6. Can I get branding/personalisation done for my office space/cabin at Dextrus?
    We will definitely assist you in branding your office space. You can raise this query when inquiring for the workspace with us and the details of the same shall be shared by our respective sales team.
  7. Is eating food allowed inside my cabin?
    We have a comfortable, well lit, beautifully designed cafeteria and a pantry that has everything you need right from microwave to cutlery and more. You can use our cafeteria anytime you need and take a quick break from work while ensuring that your cabins are clean and are not left with any food smell or bits.
  8. What kind of workspace does Dextrus offer?
    At Dextrus you get flexible desks, dedicated desks, private office spaces and enterprise office spaces with complete privacy, tech integration and a soothing work environment. We also have meeting rooms of different configurations with all amenities included and beautiful event space as well.
  9. Does the Dextrus workspace come fully furnished?
    Absolutely. We ensure you have everything that you need right from ergonomic chairs, high speed wifi and an aesthetically designed workspace. All you have to do is sign up and start working! If you have some specific requirements for your office, then Dextrus can help you customise the same as well. Please avail our free day trial to experience our space and see what it feels to work out of Dextrus Workspace.
  10. What kind of green element is included at Dextrus?
    Dextrus believes in a green and sustainable environment and we strive our best to keep our surroundings as green as possible. Our workspaces have a lot of plants that are meant to be grown indoors and release fresh oxygen. The space feels alive and fresh and helps uplift our moods while busy at work.
  11. What is Dextrus’ response to COVID 19?
    Our top priority is a healthy and safe work environment for all. We have taken necessary steps to ensure a safe work environment for all. Please click here to understand our response and safety measures to COVID 19.
  1. Where is Dextrus located?
    Dextrus is currently located in Parinee Crescenzo, Bandra Kurla Complex and at Peninsula Corporate Park in Lower Parel, Mumbai.
  2. How do I reach Dextrus workspace?
    Below links provide directions for both our centers:
    Dextrus BKC
    Dextrus LP
    Alternatively, please visit our contact us page if you wish to get in touch for further assistance, contact us
  3. Which is the nearest station located next to Dextrus?
    For our BKC Center, the nearest railway station is Bandra Station (time taken for bus journey) for people commuting via Western Line and Kurla Station (time taken for bus journey) for people commuting via the Central and Harbour Line. For our Lower Parel center, the nearest station is Lower Parel Station on the Western Line (7 minute walk) and Currey Road for the Central Line (9 minute walk).
  4. Will I get access at all Dextrus locations?
    As a Dextrus member, you get access to the common shared facilities of all our locations. We create ample shared space for our members and take care in the design of all the areas, from phone booths to meeting rooms to lounges and break-out spaces. Meeting rooms and day pass access is allowed across locations and you may use your credits to book the same.
    You may opt to buy additional credits on a monthly or yearly basis. Please contact our sales team to buy the credits.
  1. Is parking available at the Dextrus?
    Yes, parking is available at Dextrus. Please get in touch with our sales team for further details and charges. Please write to us at sales@dextrus.in
  2. Are there any provisions for wheelchair accessibility?
    Yes, this is important to us when we design our spaces and strive to make it comfortable and easy for differently abled individuals to maneuver as well as work at Dextrus. To reach our centers, there are ramps at the entrance where the vehicle shall drop you, further there are lifts available in both our centers. These are convenient to access and use. We also have wheelchair accessible washrooms and the team is available round the clock should you need any assistance.
  3. Does Dextrus have a full fledged kitchen?
    We do not have a working kitchen at the BKC center but our pantry is well stocked and we can always help you with catering solutions. Our Lower Parel center sure has a functional kitchen and you can always seek our community team and pantry assistance help to access the same.
  4. What is included in the Dextrus pantry?
    Dextrus has a vibrant, delicious and inviting pantry that offers you a variety of healthy yet lip smacking options to keep those hunger pangs satisfied. Our complimentary offerings include a range of well curated gourmet organic tea and coffee along with water of course.
  5. What is the internet speed at Dextrus?
    We have a stable and high speed wifi connection. Our primary wifi offers 50 mbps and we also have a backup of 20 mbps. Plug in and workaway!
  6. Will my IP be static or dynamic?
    IP will be static
  7. Will I be guided if I have any queries related to IT?
    For sure! We have an in house IT expert whom you can reach out to by contacting our community desk anytime you need assistance.
  8. What amenities are not included in the Dextrus membership plan?
    The amenities we offer and the ones that are excluded depend on the membership plan that you choose. We request you to contact our sales team by writing to them on sales@dextrus.in or filling our contact form. Our team shall assist you with your queries.
  1. What is the cost of a desk at Dextrus?
    Please have a look at our Locations pages for more information:
    Lower Parel
  2. Does Dextrus offer customised plans?
    Flexibility and the ability to customize the workspace based on your requirement is our USP. We would love to understand your requirement and work with you in delivering the best work environment and ready to use office space in Mumbai. Please contact our sales team at sales@dextrus.in to discuss the details of your requirements.
  3. What are Membership Plans? Are they transferable?
    Membership plans are a great option for companies or individuals who do not want to be tied down to a permanent office space and need flexibility in how they use an office space. We have created these discounted, pay as you go plans exactly for this reason. You can avail our daily plans and meeting rooms at great discounts as and when you choose. Currently our plans are non transferable.
  4. What is the service retainer at Dextrus?
    Our service retainer is different for different products, starting from 01 month to 06 months’ service charge as the security deposit.
  1. Is event space available at Dextrus?
    Dextrus has one of the best event spaces in Mumbai. You can book the space based on the type of the event you wish to host and its requirements. You can either do a private event in our large meeting rooms or in our sunlit cafe spaces. Alternatively you can also collaborate with us and co-create an event for the larger Dextrus community.
  2. What kind of event space is available at Dextrus?
    Please refer to our Meetings and Events page for more information.
  3. Can Dextrus help with food arrangements for meetings and events?
    Yes we can! We have a variety of catering options to choose from. You can write to us at meetings@dextrus.in and we shall assist you with the necessary arrangements.
  4. What kind of events/conferences are organised at Dextrus?
    Dextrus organises a variety of online and offline events for our community and it ranges from workshops, pop ups, social media engagements, webinars, discussion panels to gigs. We love to collaborate with various brands and experts to create valuable and memorable experiences. So if you have an idea, a suggestion or wish to collaborate just give us a shout out at events@dextrus.in. To get a glimpse of the events we have hosted so far visit our Dextrus events page under the Discover Dextrus tab.
  1. How much in advance do I need to book a meeting room?
    We would love to make a space available to you whenever you require, hence we request that you make the booking and the payment at least 24 hours prior. But last minute or urgent requirements are also entertained. Please contact our sales team at sales@dextrus.in to know more.
  2. What is the cancellation fee for the meeting room booking?
    For cancellations 48 hours prior — Full refund
    For cancellations 24-48 hours prior — 50% refund
    For cancellations within 24 hours — No refund
  3. How do meeting room credits work?
    The credit calculation works depending on the size of the meeting room you have booked. As the meeting room size increases so does the number of credits per hour. Eg. Our 5 seater is 1 credit per hour. Our 10 Seater is 2 credits per hour. Our 40 Seater is 5 credits per hour.
  4. How do I book a meeting room?
    You can simply mail us your requirement at sales@dextrus.in / events@dextrus.in or gives us a call @ 96190 04660.
  5. What are the facilities for video conferencing at Dextrus?
    We can provide Polycom or Logitech VC facility that enables you to connect from and to any platform in the world.
  1. What are the payment options available?
    We have various modes of payments for your comfort:

    1. NEFT / RTGS / IMPS (Online Bank Transfer)
    2. SWIFT / WIRE Transfer (for members outside India)
    3. Online payments via CCAvenue
    4. Debit and Credit Cards
    5. UPID
    6. Cheques / Demand Drafts
    7. Cash (Only for Pantry sales)
  2. Is there any fee charged for late payment?
    To ensure the delivery of consistent and high quality service along with premium infrastructure we request clients to make payments on time. All our clients have a 10 day credit period to make payments, failing which we charge a 15% p.a. late payments fee on a monthly basis.

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