How are coworking spaces changing the face of innovation?

Creative office spaces

Innovation is an imperative business process that must never come to an end. One of the ideas that have massively impacted disruptive innovations is coworking spaces. The coworking industry is here to change the dynamics of how we work professionally. The Savills India’s report has predicted a compound annual growth rate of 28% in this industry from 2015 to 2022 (Source- PR Newswire), and it is not hard to imagine achieving these numbers, given how quickly we have had to embrace innovative organization models and adapt to the surroundings of needs our ever-changing corporate world.

What are the benefits of Coworking Spaces?

Coworking spaces provide a corporate environment that instils a healthy competitive spirit and professionalism in your approach to work and creates the required environment to thrive in. In addition, the corporate atmosphere helps an individual interact with industry experts and talented coworkers. As a result, there is a healthy exchange of ideas and energies, which leads to a more focused vision and an innovative thought process.

The Evolution of Coworking Spaces

Innovation demands focus and creativity, which demands privacy and structure within a workspace. Traditional offices could restrict your flow of thoughts resulting in creative roadblocks. Coworking spaces allow you to brainstorm with like-minded people across industries who provide new ideas and fresh perspectives, and cross-collaboration opportunities amongst community members.

Learn how coworking spaces are profitable for startups to interact, network and share ideas

The functionality and demand for workspaces have drastically changed. The CII-ANAROCK report ‘Workplaces of the Future’ stated that forty-six percent of the respondents voted in favour of shared spaces (Source-The Times Of India). The age-old setup is no longer efficient for companies and employees. To minimize this, coworking spaces provide the perfect solution. The idea of working in a corporate environment at your convenience is something that coworking spaces thrive to offer. Nowadays, more and more employees and employers opt for these flexible workspace models that provide everything under one roof, reducing overhead costs and the hassle of coordinating all the requirements operationally. 

There is a constant upgrade in the functioning of coworking spaces because the number of people choosing them as their professional solution is progressively increasing. 

Clients have varied requirements; therefore, coworking spaces can provide plans and proposals that best suit the needs of consumers. A traveler, for example, who needs an office space for a couple of hours when in the city could benefit from a single day pass compared to working out of a local café. 

The changing times prove that innovation happens in collaborative, experimental, diverse, and “non-standard” environments that inspire and motivate people. Creative coworking spaces expose people to various thinking styles and cultures, leading to better creativity and imagination. In other words, we can say spaces that stimulate creativity and encourage innovation will redefine the work culture and take corporate life to a whole new level.

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