How coworking spaces can help your startup grow from a seed to a unicorn?


Office spaces for Startup entrepreneurs

Over the years, one sector that has grown leaps & bounds is the startup sector. According to a study, 61% of graduates in the country aspire to venture into a startup company, bringing a dynamic change in how the corporate world functions.

Why Coworking Spaces for Startups?

The startup sector is ever-growing and ever-evolving as upcoming entrepreneurs are now taking the lead in corporate markets and are adamant about their startups flourishing. And who wouldn’t be? A critical factor in any business, let alone a startup is networking. With networking, the company grows tremendously and opens the team to newer ideas and experiences.

A fresh alternative that has entered the fields of corporates and startups are coworking spaces. With the introduction of coworking spaces, a healthy amalgamation is established between higher productivity and increased network and focused efforts.

Here are 7 reasons how coworking spaces can help startup entrepreneurs further:

How coworking spaces can help your startup grow


  1. Enhances Productivity: The environment plays a vital role in determining how you function. It has a direct impact on your productivity. Coworking spaces provide an excellent professional environment where surroundings boost your productivity. The experience of working in a place where you can concentrate on your work and see everyone diligently committed to their jobs ultimately increases your efficiency and productivity. This productivity brings returns in the form of economic benefits.
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Economic benefits of coworking spaces

2. Economic Benefit: One problem that startup entrepreneurs face regularly is a cash crunch. Coworking space allows budding entrepreneurs to work in an atmosphere where everyone is focused and work is the only priority. Coworking spaces also provide meeting rooms, desks, and other flexible offerings at an affordable price. The efforts and funds used for setting up an office, networking, recruitment meetings, and overhead expenses and resources are saved as they are readily available at coworking spaces. Such savings help entrepreneurs to put funds to better use.
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collaboration and networking opportunities at coworking spaces

3. Networking Opportunities: Startups entrepreneurs are constantly looking for collaboration and networking opportunities. Coworking spaces have an environment that brings together industry experts, skilled professionals, and like-minded people. The entrepreneur gets exposure to a community that helps build clients and contacts, which may be beneficial in the long run.Significant corporate resources at coworking spaces

4. Ready-Made Resources: Why would you spend on something which may be available at zero cost? Significant corporate resources like IT support and technical assistance are readily available at coworking spaces. At the time of need, there is instant access to these resources, and such timely solutions enable entrepreneurs to work more efficiently.Working conveniently at coworking spaces

5. Flexible Functioning: Coworking spaces give you an option of working at your convenience. Startup entrepreneurs can manage their time and working space according to their requirements, and this flexibility allows them to work effectively.Learn How Flexible workspaces offer a convenient office solution for start-ups and professionalsopportunities in the market

6. Staff Recruitment: As an entrepreneur, one thing that determines your startup’s success and can take your company to new heights is skilled personnel and workforce. Coworking spaces have a plethora of talents from various sectors trying out their luck and opportunities in the market. In addition, there is easy access and communication between the employer and employee.
Advantages of coworking spaces

7. Attracting Investors:  Every entrepreneur wants their startup to grow and expand, and the growth depends upon the kind of investors they have. Coworking spaces have the advantage of bringing investors and investees together. In addition, the corporate environment further helps to build a healthy professional relationship between them.For reasons beyond these & more, it’s safe to say that coworking spaces will soon be called ‘networking spaces’, which will only be the beginning of a new era in entrepreneurship, startups & work environments. Dextrus allows you all of these and is your first step towards ‘networking spaces’ with more collaborative possibilities.

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