How MSMEs and Large Enterprises use shared workspaces to their advantage?

How shared workspaces help MSMEs and Large Enterprises

The introduction of coworking spaces has changed the functionality of corporate industries to a great extent. Every stage of the organization is impacted, from planning to execution, since shared workspaces have come into play. Regardless of their size, industries are making the best of coworking spaces to their advantage across varied business requirements. Large-scale enterprises and MSMEs are opting for coworking spaces as a cost-effective solution that helps them build unique partnerships, boost employee creativity and provide growth opportunities.

Here’s how different team sized enterprises gain an advantage using shared spaces-

For teams with 2-10 members-

When an enterprise has around 2-10 team members, it is considered a small enterprise. Coworking spaces provide such teams with-

  • Fully furnished infrastructure 
  • Complete backend and technical support
  • Meeting rooms that are according to their team size

These amenities and services are affordable to help small enterprises save money on rentals, get the right equipment and have a housekeeping staff. Coworking spaces also offer membership plans based on small enterprises’ needs and requirements, which gives them the liberty to pay only for the space they need and require. They are exposed to a huge network of individuals from different fields that would help them to gain clients, learn from colleagues, and grow.

The benefits of using a coworking space are compelling enough for 37.93% of small to medium-sized businesses and 27.12% of startup teams to use them (Source: Coworking

For teams with 10-50 members-

Teams comprising 10-50 members are considered to be medium enterprises. Often as an enterprise grows, so does its team size, and its need for a space with modern technology at a prime location increases. Coworking spaces give medium enterprises exactly what they need and are cost-efficient. Medium enterprises get-

  • Their office in a prominent location
  • Access to common areas and sully serviced pantry
  • Space for meetings and quiet areas for brainstorming

At a coworking space, medium-sized enterprises are exposed to renowned enterprises and small enterprises, which gives them the advantage of learning from the bigger industries, discussing ideas with small enterprises and entrepreneurs, and developing strategies to grow bigger.

For teams with 50+ members-

Enterprises that have more than 50 members are considered to be large enterprises. As an enterprise expands, its need for a place that will improve employee productivity will rise. A large enterprise can afford almost everything it needs in terms of amenities and services but not factors like employee productivity, creativity, etc. Coworking spaces give large enterprises-

  • A private office space that is designed using state of the art infrastructure
  • An event room to host and conduct seminars
  • An open and collaborative environment

Coworking spaces also help large enterprises hire the right candidate as they get to interact with several experts from different areas because they share the same space or through events and conferences.  

Coworking spaces bring all kinds of enterprises under one roof, so whether you are a small business, a unicorn, or a member of the Fortune 500, a shared workspace is a smart option for you, economically as well as environmentally.  Learn how coworking spaces can help your startup grow from a seed to a unicorn. You can save the cost of owning, designing, and maintaining an office and, at the same time, be a part of networking events that could potentially generate some great opportunities for your business.

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