Stressed at work? Improve your wellbeing with nature at workspace

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Stressed at work is not a new phenomenon. People have been dealing with stress for ages as half our lives are spent at our workplace. So, if this is nothing new, why are companies suddenly stressing the need for the well-being of employees in workplaces? Perhaps, because more and more people are opening up about their struggles to cope with stress and its effect on their mental health and subsequently on their lives. A stressed employee will never be productive; therefore, for companies, it is a sound business decision to cater to employees’ well-being.

The pandemic made people see the worst of times. With work from home as the only option available, the lines between professional and personal blurred. The stress of working hard took a toll on people’s mental well-being while in isolation. Companies have realized the need for stress busters in a work environment as people gradually resumed the normal routine of working in the past year. 


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Companies are opting for designed workplaces that keep nature in mind, with abundant natural light and stellar views to ensure employees feel refreshed and rejuvenated while at work. Biophilic design is the new trend of accurately blending the soothing attributes of outdoors indoors. It has gained prominence as it helps reduce stress levels in staff and helps people relax. With centres in Crescenzo BKC and Peninsula Corporate Park, Dextrus has intelligently designed the space with expert care to curate first-hand experience of achieving more at work.

Modern office structure and its design can be stifling. The optimum thrust in such offices is to accommodate as many people as possible and make use of every inch, creating private nooks that help people concentrate at work. However, the lack of interaction and connection between people is detrimental to people’s mental health. Dextrus differs in this aspect as it is dynamic, thriving, and uplifting with abundant green areas where staff can collaborate and relax. This understanding has helped them create a shared workspace that allows people to achieve more at work while concentrating on their well-being.


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Biophilic innovative design in workspace adds to multiple values of the office.

  • Aesthetic Value – A beautifully designed workspace ensures that people look forward to coming to work. The lush foliage in every nook and corner of Dextrus adds personality and character, uplifting the decor.
  • De-stresses – Research indicates that plants at work are stress busters. Nature soothes and distracts people from pain and discomfort, enhancing the well-being of staff.
  • Increases productivity – Plant life at work increases concentration levels, allowing creativity to flourish. It has a positive impact on staff, increasing their overall productivity.
  • Prevents Sickness -Biophilic designs in offices and exposure to nature ensure positivity and increased pleasant feelings. This keeps the emotional well-being of people in check, keeping stress and anxiety at bay, thereby avoiding heart diseases like cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.  


Conclusion: Studies have shown that even one potted plant can have a significant effect on reducing stress. Thus, infusing plants and natural elements in office designs is a trend that will continue and become more commonplace shortly.

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