The future of Flexi Spaces in an Evolving Economy

Coworking Spaces are growing:

Growth in Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The number of coworking spaces has exploded from 1,300 in 2009 to over 8,000 today & still counting, and more than 750 new spaces are being opened every year.

Why are coworking spaces growing so quickly? It’s developing because it is more than just a room full of computers; coworking spaces offer a variety of benefits to businesses without having to invest much of their capital.

The future of Coworking with changing business models:

In the past few years, coworking has become a popular option for businesses looking to take the edge of shared office space.

The idea is simple: instead of paying rent on individual desks or offices, the firm can rent a space that’s shared by multiple companies. This way, it allows industries to save money while still having access to all the amenities needed.

Companies have been able to grow their customer base by offering flexible workspaces that can be used by employees working from different locations while on-the-job. This model takes advantage of the fact that many people value flexibility over other criterias while choosing an office space.  

A recent study showed that employees who work from coworking spaces are 34% more likely to report satisfaction with their jobs than those who do not. 

Currently, the only setback with coworking is that it’s still relatively new. The industry is experiencing significant growth at present. But, it’s not clear how long the development will last. It’s possible that as more companies realize the value of shared space, they’ll start moving their employees back into their own offices again. Or maybe coworking will become so common that it won’t be seen as necessary anymore.

Hybrid working has become a part of our corporate life:

The hybrid workspace model is one of the major trends in today’s work environment. This concept has been gaining ground for the past few years now. It has become a necessity for organizations to have an online and offline presence. The experience between online and offline working is what has facilitated this hybrid workspace model- adding to the surge of coworking spaces.

Working from home used to be reserved for the very best jobs that required tons of travel time. But now? It is commonplace for everyone from CEOs to high-school teachers to stay at home for long periods every single day. And why shouldn’t they? We have new technologies like video conferencing, data transferring, and much more that allow us to collaborate remotely on projects without ever having to meet each other in person — so why shouldn’t we use them?

The reason why businesses are investing in remote workers is that it makes sense for them as well as their employees: online working meets the need efficiently and effortlessly.

So what does all this mean for the career? It means that working hybrid is not just a convenient option anymore—it’s something that employers expect from their employees today! If you want to climb up the ranks at your company, then you need to show them how well you are with the online and offline business culture.

In conclusion, think of coworking spaces as a family. They are always there for you when you need them. That is the type of environment coworking strives to emulate to make sure that those who depend on the space continue to use it and meet great people & success along the way.

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