What is the scope of Coworking Spaces in tier 1, 2 & tier 3 cities in India?

Co-working spaces go beyond just offering a desk. As the world of work evolves and the expectations from a physical workspace change, it brings with it immense opportunities for the workplace solution providers. The demand for shared workspaces has gone up substantially as companies today don’t want to be tied down with huge capital expenses and long leases.
Shared workspaces or co-working spaces offer flexibility, seamless space maintenance, options to various memberships packages with added amenities that allow the business to function in a hybrid model. It gives companies and their employees a platform to build corporate relations and grow their networking fraternity.
Community experiences like celebrations, upskilling workshops, hackathons, art and entertainment events allow the community to thrive better in an ideal workplace environment.

Key Factors why Tier-1,2 and 3 cities prefer coworking spaces:

The demand, especially in tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 cities for co-working space, has been rising for the past 2 years. With the hybrid model becoming more popular and employers giving an option to Work From Home, more and more employees are opting for working in co-working spaces as it is very convenient. 

Many startups have emerged in the past 5 years, not only in Tier 1 cities but also in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities. Multiple companies have set up their regional offices or rented out spaces in these cities, allowing their employees to work from their hometowns without transferring them to new locations. Accessibility and advancement of technology have increased the quality of communication and work efficiency for employees.

Flexible daily and virtual plans at Dextrus

With most people working from home, virtual meetings and conferences are part of our daily routine, but work from home keeps us away from our office culture and Work-life balance. Co-working space ensures a professional working environment.

With many companies allowing their employees to work from home majorly and only visit the office twice a week, renting/maintaining office spaces in metros has become difficult with the prices going up constantly. Co-working spaces not only allow you to work at a desk but also allow you to reduce excess overhead costs with its affordable plans. 

Get flexible daily and virtual plans 

Co-working spaces are the best solutions when looking for an office address in a prime location with added benefits of access to call and mail handling. Alternatively, opting for co-working spaces will be a convenience post-pandemic as it allows you to work from various locations and in a hybrid model as well.

How are coworking spaces emerging for potential markets in India?

Co-working spaces are intelligently designed meeting rooms and desks based to fulfill all your professional needs so that you can achieve the best at work. These offices are located at prime locations of different cities across India. Also, India is one of those countries where startup culture is constantly growing. These co-working spaces help such startups to meet all their demands smoothly. At co-working spaces, you can organize meetings training sessions, host events, and get access to full back-end support for you to have a successful and dynamic experience. Co-working spaces allow you to book the meeting rooms and desks for a few hours, for a day, or for an extended period of time with their respective perks included. 

If you are looking for a co-working space that offers you flexibility, access to amenities and a thriving community, get in touch with us at info@dextrus.in 

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